High Paying Scholarships Change Lives

If you ever attended a debate in high school, I was the guy who would fight until the end to win for our team. Even if it appeared that we had zero chance of winning, I was able to convince people to look at things from a different angle, and I helped our team win more debates than any other in our school history. I wanted to be a lawyer before I was even done playing with toys. I loved the shows my parents watched where the lawyer who help an innocent client out of a tough spot, and I was determined early on to get to law school and earn my degree.

My grades in school were very good, my choices of schools however put me in a very challenging position. The tuition for one year was more than my father made in two years. If I did not get a free ride from the school, I was in deep trouble. Using my debate experience, I tried to convince my parents that we could borrow the money for law school and I would pay them back after my first big win. This was not a very successful strategy, and needless to say I lost that debate with my parents.

Luckily for me, I was very persistent in my efforts. I was going to get that tuition money one way or another, and like magic, I had a revelation. We were approached in school by the local VFW, and they were offering scholarships for students who wrote essays on what they thought about veterans and how veterans have impacted our lives. While this was not the scholarship for me, it did open my eyes to the huge amount of scholarship programs available to students today. I could not believe some of the dollar amounts for winners.

I began my quest to pay for my law school tuition on my own. I took part in a number of top scholarships, and while I did not win them, second prize money was starting to pile up. After only a few scholarships, I had secured at least one year tuition, and that was enough to drive me to work harder and accumulate enough for a 4 year college of my choice. The college I eventually chose gave me a partial scholarship on my grades, and I had enough prize money to fund the other years easily.

The Rocky but Steady Road of Having a Career

Building a career is not always easy, in fact it can be downright impossible sometimes. But at the end of a long journey it can be incredibly rewarding. Take for instance my story, I’ve always wanted to become a doctor to help people and my family through troubled times. Many of those times would include constant checking into doctors and seeing how high of a price a simple check-up would be. I decided as a kid that I wanted to become a doctor to help my family out in bad situations. I knew that doctors also earned a very high income if they became successful and maybe I would get worldwide recognition as being a good one if I did well enough.

As I was attending middle school, that was when I would constantly go to libraries of sorts to read up on material that has to do anything with medicine. It was also because I knew becoming a doctor could potentially take many years of studying but I knew it was all worth it to have that elusive career and to ensure my future. It wasn’t always easy however, as there were a number of obstacles that could potentially make me fail my task.

For instance, getting a scholarship to support my dreams and going to a well known medical school. It would take a tremendous effort to get approval and have a very active social life. Social life such as community service or participating in sports teams regularly. I had to do whatever it took to get myself to a good career. This is my future after all and it was important to me as much as everyone else that was in my life. My family has been supportive of me since day one, and I don’t know if I would have been able to go as far as I am now if it wasn’t for them.

Today I am still studying in medicine school but it’s finally paying off. I would surely find many hospitals that would like to hire me as soon as I graduate. I have learned a great deal about medicine throughout all these years and it’s thanks to the education I received from this famous medical school. I also have to thank the people in charge of my scholarship that enabled me to finally accomplish my dreams of becoming an excellent doctor.

The Sweet Smell of Education

Education has a different meaning to everyone who hears it. To some it may mean their life, their career, or their fortune. To me specifically, it means opportunity. I grew up in my family’s bakery store; everyday was fresh bread you could smell as you woke up in the morning. It was always a delicious scent across my home which doubled as a store. My parents would always give me a sweet bread before I would head to school. But, my parent’s bread shop wasn’t doing well in business in later years and they may have to resort to selling the store. I couldn’t let that happen, the store was my life, it was my golden time of rich smell and the crispy sounds of bread.

I told my parents I would work hard to get an education at a professional culinary school and turn this bakery shop into a booming business that would leave your heads spinning. My parents took my comment lightly considering I was still young, but I was determined not to let it happen. It was around high school I suppose when the shop was in trouble, but I was nearly out and the good thing was that I was already planning to take over the family business. I sought out financial aid to try to get me into a prestigious culinary school.

I successfully got financial aid to help me pave my way into the school. I was already planning it out. I was going to become an incredible baker who could cook the best bread and attract worldwide attention. Not to mention I was going to try to earn a large amount of income that would surely surprise my parents. They are already proud of me I am aware but, I wanted to save this store with all my heart. I learned many baking techniques and even some recipes during my years of stay at this culinary school. Once I graduated, I applied all the cooking techniques I learned and created some phenomenal bread.

Today, the business is doing so well I am getting frequent media news about it, celebrities popping by, and even government officials stopping to take a bite out of my bread. Education is the greatest opportunity my life has given me and I plan to make full use of it for the future.

With a BSN Degree, I can go from Medical Assistant to Registered Nurse!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my job lately. Yesterday marked my fifth anniversary as a medical assistant in a small private practice that I began working for immediately after high school. I’ve gained a tremendous amount of experience over the years, and the physicians at the office really trust my quality of work. But what if I could be more than just a medical assistant? While it’s been a great job, with a decent salary, I’ve been thinking more and more about building a career that has the potential for growth. A future where my position, salary, and skill sets are constantly growing. The only real way to ensure that kind of growth, I realized, is to go back to school and earn a college degree. To realistically reach my career goals, based on where I would like to see myself in another five years, I have decided to start applying for nursing degrees in my area. The opportunities and job security that a degree in nursing will offer – (not to mention a really great spike in my salary!)- is, well, inspiring!

As a medical assistant, I spend a lot of time doing tasks that are both administrative and clinical in nature. The usual administrative things include managing patient’s appointments, medical records, handling insurance related issues, managing the patient billing process, and general booking. I’m also responsible for corresponding with hospital admittance and laboratory work on behalf of the physicians and their patients. The really cool part about my job,though, is the clinical work that I do. The clinical aspects of my job allow me to not only extensively interact with patients, but take part in their treatment and medical care. In the office, it’s my job to record their medical histories and record their vital signs, collect and handle laboratory specimens, sometimes even run basic lab tests in the office; prepare patients for medical exams, and ensure that the medical equipment, instruments, and examination rooms are sterile. In essence, my job, as is, facilitates the physicians treatment of their patients. Of the two aspects of my job, I really enjoy doing the clinical tasks. Earning a degree in nursing would enable me to focus solely on the clinical aspects of my job, and to immerse myself into a more comprehensive involvement in patient treatment.

While I thought about a a two-year Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN), I figured that if I was going to put in the effort and go back to school, I might as well earn the full Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) and become a registered nurse. That way I can work directly with patients, immediately under physicians, and practically at any medical facility – including hospitals! I really think going through with this step and earning my BSN degree is really important, and it’ll definitely make a career in the field of medicine more of a rewarding opportunity.